Drape in Luxury: 6 Exquisite Embroidered Saree


Welcome to the world of sarees, where the fabric tells the tales of rich cultural history. A saree is the lightest and most luxurious 9-yard fabric, which stylishly drapes around the body. We at Chiros by Jigyasa offer vibrant sarees with artistic embroidery to make you feel regal. These sarees are timeless pieces of art. 

These sarees are mesmerising because of the different types of embroideries used in these sarees. Below, we have mentioned some of the sarees so that you can join us in unravelling the journey of embroidered sarees.

Net embroidered sarees

The sheer texture of the net fabric evokes the essence of femininity. The sarees with net embroidery are for women who want a subtle, modern, and embroidered charm.

What makes our Net embroidered saree different from others?

We have designed our net sarees so beautifully that they stand unique among others. They feature delicate threadwork, creating distinctive patterns and motifs. Every strand of thread is expertly crafted by the finest artisans, demonstrating their talent and perseverance. Our net sarees seamlessly blend traditional richness with modern elements.

Georgette embroidered sarees

The soft, flowy georgette fabric gracefully drapes, and the sheerness makes it more elegant. These sarees are designed for those who crave feather-lightweight sarees. 

What makes our Georgette saree different from others?

When you wear any outfit from Chiros by Jigyasa, you don’t wear a saree; instead, you wear an experience. Our artisans expertly craft every fold and pleat of our georgette sarees, which are a reflection of luxury with their unmatched grace and elegance. 

Parsi-work embroidered sarees

Parsi-work embroidered sarees are living examples of rich Parsi legacy.

The skilled artisans, using their talent, blend threads seamlessly with the Parsi culture, making it into a wearable masterpiece. These sarees enable you to carry rich Parsi cultural heritage and serve as a bridge between the past and present. 

What makes our Parsi-work embroidered sarees different from others?

In our Parsi-work sarees, we carefully choose each vibrant thread and then weave it to create beautiful floral patterns. Our exquisitely detailed sarees allow you to drape yourself in the beauty of tradition and luxury.

Kantha-work embroidered sarees

Kantha-work sarees originate in the rich culture of Bengal. These are hand-embroidered sarees and use different motifs to bring folklore and tales into the fabric. These Kantha-work sarees allow you to express your uniqueness. 

What makes our Kantha-work embroidered saree different from others?

One of the hallmarks of our Kantha work sarees is their rustic charm. We have designed our Kantha work saree in a way that it is a versatile option. You can carry this outfit both in casual and formal gatherings. The distinctive running stitch is our signature feature, which distinguishes it from the rest.

Organza embroidered saree 

Sheer organza fabric's splendour is unparalleled. This translucent fabric is paired with intricate embroidery to create an incredibly captivating outfit. Organza sarees are unique in their style and have become a fashion statement.

What makes our Organza embroidered saree different from others?

Our organza sarees are unique because of their special blend of lightness and richness. What further sets us apart is our intricate embroidery on this airy fabric. The sheerness of organza fabric allows the embroidery to shine and glorify. Our delicate embroidery creates mesmerising textures.

Any saree with Zari embroidery

The richly woven golden or zari threads in a saree beautifully display lustre and a glossy sheen. This zari thread adds a luxurious touch to your outfit, making it perfect for the festival and wedding season. These sarees make a bold statement of style. The zari embroidery reflects the rich Indian cultural heritage. 


Our sarees help you elevate your style. Each saree, whether a net or georgette embroidered saree, an organza saree, a Kantha, Parsi, or zari work saree, gives off a vibe of glamour and regality. Each drape of the saree becomes a joyous celebration. When you buy and wear sarees from Chiros by Jigyasa, you become the star of the evening and make heads turn. Our sarees are the perfect blend of intricate embroidery and modern elegance.