10 Classic Ethnic Wear Ideas That Never Run Out Of Fashion

Fashion trends keep on constantly changing with time. Usually, the trends in clothing preferences change. With the advent of new styles, patterns, and designs, you can notice changes in ethnic collections. Festive seasons are the time when you can witness new ethnic wear trends. However, there are some men's festival outfits that never run out of fashion. They also stay in trend no matter what. Moreover, it becomes difficult for other trendy categories to beat them. Chiros by Jigyasa has brought a timeless and beautiful ethnic collection which are trendsetter.

Continue reading to go through the top 10 classic ethnic wear of all time.

  • Sherwani

The sherwani's origin comes from the Mughal Empire. It was worn to get the nobility and royalty look. Today, the sherwani is still worn by men of all classes as a symbol of status and elegance. Over the years, the patterns and styles have changed a bit. It is a party wear ethnic wear mostly worn on special occasions. You can notice men wearing sherwanis at weddings and cultural events.  

  • Silk Kurti and Sober Pants

An all-time comfortable ethnic look for men is a silk kurta and sober pants. Men of all age groups love this collection. It has never gone out of fashion trend for ages. Silk kurtas are available in different colors with plain patterns at Chiros by Jigyasa. You can dress it up with neutral-colored pants. 

  • Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri ethnic wear for men is a royal inspiration and status. It is come all the way from Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas. Men in weddings who prefer to get a royal touch go for a Jodhpuri suit. The outfit features a high-necked coat, breeches, and ethnic trousers. Not only for weddings, it is also perfect for royal-themed parties. This outfit gives a heavier and fancier appearance, maintaining royalty.

  • Pathani Kurta Set

Pathani Kurtas are men's festival outfits that give them an effortless, classy look. It is an evergreen ethnic wear collection for men. The outfit is the epitome of both style and comfort. The outfit is best for casual, traditional gatherings and parties. You can pair it up with Kolhapuri chappals to get a charming look. Pathani Kurtas comes in both plain and print patterns. Visit Chiros by Jigyasa to check out the collection.

  • Kurta Set with Nehru Jacket 

Here comes another classic ethnic wear idea for men. Kurta set with a Nehru Jacket will instantly upgrade your traditional wear. This outfit style is followed by men of every age group. It gives an elegant and aesthetic look. These are available in a variety of designs, from classic to modern. Men must go with the right color and embroidery styles to suit their personality.

  • Achkans 

Ackhans are also known as Baghal bandi. It is a knee-length jacket which you can pair with ethnic trousers. Due to its smart and elegant appearance, Achkan is one of the most popular outfits for bridegrooms. It gives a unique style, grabbing attention from the crowd. It is available in different designs, such as plain, floral prints, and embroidery. You will also get Ackans in sequins at Chiros by Jigyasa, which adds a touch of glamor.

  • Ethnic Wear Suits 

Every man owns an ethnic suit in their wardrobe. This is a simple layered ethnic outfit that easily combines both traditional and modern trends. It is ideal for sophisticated events such as high-end weddings and corporate parties. You will get a variety of fabrics and designs for this outfit to suit your taste. This outfit idea showcases simplicity and charm.

  • Kurta Churidar Set

Chudidar are long, tight-fitting trousers paired with long Kurtas. These are also called churidar pyjamas. This style comes from the north of India. This ethnic collection is trendy throughout the nation. Men especially wear them at weddings and cultural parties. You can shop for a complete set or randomly pair up with mix and match pattern. 

  • Draped Kurta 

Draping is a unique way to add a unique silhouette to an Indian outfit. In draped kurtas, the fabric drapes upwards from the hem towards the bottom. It gives the illusion of an attached dupatta on the kurta. This is also a classy style that gives a charming look. Also, there are kurtas with a half-drape style. This gives an interesting asymmetrical look.

  • Short Kurta With Dhoti Pants

For most men, draping and wearing a traditional dhoti piece seems difficult. So, it was a bit evolved into draped dhoti pants. You can pair it up with short kurtas. It is the perfect way to rock the ethnic outfit. A short kurta complements a dhoti and creates a stylish appearance for any occasion.

Final Thoughts 

So, these are the all-time classic ethnic outfits of men. All of them are exclusive collections of men's festival outfits. Men can wear it at pre-wedding parties, wedding day, cultural ceremonies, and other events. Even in the upcoming generations, these outfits will not lose their charm. Visit Chiro's by Jigyasa to explore these collections.