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    Bengali sarees are unique and popular for their elegant designs, rich colors and exquisite craftsmanship. The sarees are made of cotton and or silk yarn. Dhakai jamdani sarees are the hallmark of Bengali handloom sarees. The sarees are decorated with beautiful weaves made in cotton or cotton silk. Pure silk sarees are the most popular type of Bengali sarees. The sarees are available in different colors and designs. Murshidabad silk sarees are very soft and easy to drape and have lovely prints to choose from. These sarees are very popular among all women. The sarees are available in different colors and designs. Tussar sarees come in different varieties. We have the Tussar by Tussar and Tussar by Geecha and the Geecha by Geecha. All varieties are beautiful and popular among women of all ages. Kantha work sarees take months to make. These sarees are individually hand embroidered by artisans on hand woven fabric and come in a wide variety of fabrics. The most popular fabrics for Kantha work sarees are Bangalore silk and Tussar. Some artisans also work with cotton silk. They can vary from being heavily embroidered to not being as involved.

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