10 Contemporary Lehengas for Fashionistas

It's time to take another look at some of the newest styles in Indian clothing as the 2023 wedding season draws near, including classic looks like lehenga for wedding. While the majority of the globe is adopting more understated clothing alternatives, Indian brides and even their bridesmaids are going all out and showcasing their personal style. More money is allocated to the attire, and less goes toward the guests and enormous venues. And weddings are all about accepting unconventional decisions and styles. There is much to be excited about in the bridal lehengas trends for 2023 brides, ranging from extravagant, embroidered outfits to sophisticated pastel hues.

Anarkali Shadowplay

A-line lehengas, also known as "Anarkali silhouettes," are timeless bridal gown styles, even with several new trends, including bodycon skirts and asymmetrical hemlines. Because of their timeless appeal, millennials have adopted this conventional and gorgeous design. There's something so ethereal about spinning around in this flared attire! 

lehenga for wedding

Brilliant Color Lehengas

Technocolour is a term that will bring back memories for any of us who grew up in the nineties. Not only is this throwback style very dear to our hearts, but it also looks stunning on brides wearing lehengas. Designers have been at the forefront of this movement, particularly channeling this pattern in their work. And we do not doubt that in 2023, style enthusiasts will still be drawn to these metallic technicolor outlines! 

Stunning Trails

Any length of sweeping lehenga trail can give your bridal ensemble a stunning, queen-like air. These days, many couture labels and designers have started incorporating these sweeping trails into their lehenga designs. And they are everything to brides! We expect this tendency to take up, and in 2023, we hope to see even more striking lehenga trails. 

Lehengas in White & Off-White

Red, pink, and orange lehenga for wedding are the most common colors seen at Indian weddings. But just as customs have changed over time, so too have the attitudes of those who organize weddings. As a result, the number of brides wearing white lehengas to their weddings is rising. White bridal lehengas are beautiful and sophisticated, and while being unusual, their quirky details make them stand out the most. 

Printed lehengas

When there is a choice between comfort and style, brides mostly opt for the latter. For that matter, many of the brides are choosing printed lehengas. They are comfortable, and light doesn’t make them less stunning. They are eye-catching without any doubt, and what is most attractive in these Indian dresses is their vibrant prints with off-beat colors.

 Unconventional hues

If you are tired of traditional lehenga and need something unique for this wedding season, surprise everyone with gorgeous designs and vibrant colors. Then, this style is perfect for you. Designers have done justice to their work by adding colors like yellow, turquoise, or orange to bridal attire.

Shimmery story

Shimmer is popular in every form, whether mirror work, metallic embroidery, or sequins. Wedding season is the time to shine, and these shimmering lehengas are the right choice to make it possible.

Pastel and floral designs 

Pastel lehengas have been trending for the past few years and are stunning without any second thought. And when it comes to pastel hues admixed with the floral embroidery, the results are extraordinary.

The maximalist ensembles

When minimalist is in fashion, some fashionistas are still inclined towards the maximalist ensembles. Due to the royal vibe of this design, it is usually preferred during the wedding season as this maximalist approach resembles authentic Indian culture. 

Gold lehengas 

Gold will make your life easy as you can carry this from the wedding function to an after party. These are the versatile attires that even brides can carry to mandap directly from the reception, saving the time to change the outfit.


Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid and looking for a lehenga for wedding, then the above lehenga designs will make you the fashionista of your function. These designs are good to go for every occasion. Outshine with these Indian attire and make this wedding season a memorable one.

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