10 Innovative Saree Draping Styles for a Glamorous Look

The festival season has kicked off, and so the rush to get  the best outfits begins. From lehengas or palazzo suits depending on your personal style preference; anarkalis (a traditional sherwani with gold buttons) for women who want their look fresh—it's all about finding that perfect outfit this time of year! However, we know how tedious process can be even when there are numerous options available at stores... So instead try something different than what you usually do by taking inspiration from these creative ideas: wearing a saree differently than before - whether indoors or out-with some innovative
combinations. Although there may seem many ways in which one could assume what they want their saree (or dresses) draping technique on, we have found 10 effective methods so you need not worry anymore when choosing between playfulness versus elegance; soft folds versus tight wraps.

#1 Cocktail Style

A party never feels like it’s going full blast until you supplement your saree with the perfect outfit. The cocktail style of this traditional Indian garment is all about a heavy blouse, and here at Chiro's by Jigyasa we have an assortment of readymade blouse for saree for any occasion! You can get them embellished or embroidered - either way they'll look wonderful. Whether its chiffon fabric covered by sequin work – or beadwork all over, whatever kind suits your fancy today, you can be worry free about blouse stitching.

#2 Belt Style

Another way to make your normal saree look more interesting is by draping it the usual way and adding an embellished belt. If you want a different kind of style, use one in gold or silver depending on the embroidery!

Additionally, you can spice up your look by pairing an off-shoulder statement blouse. Do you often find yourself staring at a beautiful saree with disappointment because you struggle with draping a saree?

At Chiro’s, we can custom stitch any saree selected in our store into a one-minute saree. We are the only store that sells custom stitched one-minute saree in the USA.

#3 Lehenga Style Draping

One of the most beautiful ways to dress up your saree is by draping it like a lehenga. To begin, you wrap the saree on the petticoat by starting with the basic tuck and wrapping it around once. Next, from your right, start make small pleats (~2 cm) and tuck them. Go around your waist once int his manner.
The lehenga style is one of the most common and beautiful ways to drape your saree pallu.

Here, you wrap the saree on the petticoat by starting with the basic tuck and wrapping it around once. Next, from your right, start making small pleats (~2 cm) and go around your waist once in this manner.

You will now have your entire saree wrapped around you. Matching dupattas are perfect for completing the look! Try using an embellished blouse to add some oomph.

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#4 Neck Drape Style

Whether you are at home or out on the town, this chic style will make sure that people notice your outfit. All it takes is one simple step: wrap your saree like usual and pallu around your neck like a scarf.

scarf-like length before tying off in an elegant bow at either end! You can even experiment by experimenting different styles for added flair - think glamorous florals/prints if interested try adding some sparkle through Swarovski crystals This style is pretty simple, but it will make you stand out.

All you have to do is wrap your saree like usual and take the pallu around your neck like a scarf.

To create this style, make sure you keep the length of your pallu longer and experiment with different scarf draping styles.

#5 Pant Style

Ditch the old petticoat for a pant and get a more modern look? Why not! It's easy, comfortable and functional not to mention it's also super chic.

You'll need one saree with shorter length - chiffon works best- hold up at front centre and start making pleats. Tuck these into the pants at the belly button. Use safety pins as needed. Pin this end over left shoulder then tuck other under right leg into itself until both sides meet in back position successfully forming an Indian dress effect without all that hassle !!!
You will need a saree with a shorter length for this. A chiffon one will work best. Hold the end of your saree and start making pleats. Tuck these inside your pants in the front center.

Use a pin to keep them in place.

Then grab the other end, drape it around your waist and stop when you reach front. Toss over left shoulder to complete this look!

You can choose whether to leave the pallu open or pleat it; you're in control!

#6 Front Pallu or Gujarati Style

This one must be the easiest yet. Instead of carrying the pallu over your left shoulder, wrap it from back to right shoulder. It's so easy!

The draping of a saree can be an art form. There are many different styles and they all have their own unique beauty, but one Thing is certain: The Gujarati style will give your saree that rich look you've always wanted!
You can also show off that heavy saree-pallu with this kind of styling, especially when you want an extra touch for functions or ceremonies!

#7 Butterfly Draping Style

If you love Bollywood, this is the saree style for ya! It's modern and easy-to wear. All that needs to be done in order get your look just right are: tie it lower than normal and carry it with a small-parted pallu. - what do YOU think?

Style your saree with an alluring backless or tube top blouse for a sexy yet classy look. Look through our collection of ready-to wear blouses in the USA to find the perfect one for your look!

#8 Grecian drape

This gorgeous drape style is perfect for those who like to make an impression with their outfits. It will look great paired up against plain or bold colored sarees, but you can use it as well in floral print saris!
This style is perfect for those looking to evoke a more modern vibe.

It is best paired with slim-fitting trousers or matching pants. All you must do is make pleats of the saree, tuck them in front centre and take remaining portion around your shoulders.
Pin it there for an instant look that will turn any celebration into a hit!

#9 Tomboy Style

This look is perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd. It has this rugged, tomboyish vibe that's unique and refreshing!

Pairing your favourite denim jacket or blazer will give you formal yet still festive look! With this style, we recommend you do not leave your pallu open and pleat it properly over your shoulder before putting on your jacket. It's like putting yourself together, getting ready to face whatever comes at you!

#10 Paired with a Shirt

Apart from the blazer style, this one will give you the most formal style while making you look like a diva. Combine a plain saree it with a shirt for more of your androgynous personality!
You can opt to wear a high neck t-shirt or a simple white collared shirt for this look. The choice is yours!

So there you have it, ten unique ways you can drape your saree for this festival season.

Which style is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below.