10 Stunning Wedding Blouse Designs That Will Elevate Your Party Look

There is no occasion more precious than your wedding day. It’s a time of joy and celebration, and your outfit can make all the difference in how you feel during the event. As the future bride, you deserve to wear only the most stunning, luxurious festival blouse for the big day. But how do you find the perfect fit? Check out the suggestions below.

Wedding blouses - Top ten bridal blouse designs that will make you feel like royalty on your special day

  • Multicolored saree blouses

Kutchi work readymade Blouse - BlueIndian weddings are elaborate, festive, and, best of all, colorful. You can never go wrong with adding a pop of color to your bridal look.

And if you want to take things one step further, try a multicolored party blouse like this blue Kutchi-work top. It can turn any wedding into a festive occasion, giving off a vibrant energy that will make you and your guests feel more cheerful. This saree blouse pairs beautifully with modern chaniya cholis and is embroidered in a variety of hues.

  • Shimmering saree blouses

Heavy embellished Blouse with short sleeves

Do you want to sparkle under the light on your special day? Make sure you stand out from the crowd with a dazzling saree blouse that shimmers as you walk.

This heavy embellished blouse with short sleeves is a golden work of art featuring handmade details that will surely keep all eyes on you. You can wear this top with a contrasting lehenga that can make the blouse stand out, just like this red Bollywood-inspired skirt.  

  • Mirror work saree blouses

Gold mirror work wear sleeveless Saree Blouse

Mirror work, or Shisheh embroidery, has been a part of Indian fashion for centuries. This embroidery technique can transform a simple piece of fabric into a stunning, eye-catching garment that will make you feel like royalty, reflecting light in dozens of directions as you walk through the crowd.

A modern blouse with mirror work and gold fabric is nothing but elegant, turning any wedding look into an unforgettable memory. This festival blouse features traditional embroidery all over the front and back and comes with attachable sleeves so you can try out different styles.

  • Brocade saree blouses

Brocade Sleeveless saree blouse

Are you searching for a contemporary blouse that has the perfect blend of simplicity and luxury? If heavy embellishments are not your thing, consider checking out modern brocade blouses.

Brocade fabrics are intricately decorated but not too flashy, often featuring ornamental designs that are reminiscent of traditional upholstery and draperies. This brocade sleeveless saree blouse in green is a beautiful example, showcasing a golden brocade pattern made entirely by hand.

  • Sleeveless saree blouses

Sleeveless blouse in Silk - Red

Your wedding is the perfect time to show off your best features, from the sensual curves of your shoulders to the stunning length of your neck.

So, what better way to highlight your most attractive characteristics than by wearing a sleeveless traditional blouse? This luscious red sleeveless blouse made with silk is both stylish and sophisticated, matching perfectly with your favorite red lehenga for the special occasion.

  • Embroidered saree blouses

Readymade Saree Blouse with Scallop shaped Embroidery - Royal Blue

Classic saree blouse designs have stood the test of time for a reason. Despite their age, these styles are still considered trendy, featuring details and patterns that can fit even the most modern aesthetics.

Embroidery, for instance, has been a part of traditional Indian fashion for hundreds of years, and embroidered blouses are still popular among today’s brides. This saree blouse with scallop-shaped net embroidery is just one example, featuring lovely blue silk fabric with golden details.

  • Cotton saree blouses

Multi color hand embroidered saree blouse with Kutchi embroidery

Weddings aren’t all about looking your best for the occasion—you should also be feeling your best to fully enjoy the festivities. Because of this, your contemporary blouse should be not only stylish but also comfortable to wear.

And, of course, there’s nothing more comfortable than a cotton top. This fabric is naturally absorbent and can prevent you from feeling too sweaty as you greet your guests. Plus, cotton blouses come in a variety of styles, including this multicolored saree blouse with hand-embroidered Kutchi work. This traditional blouse features intricate details that make it great for special events, such as weddings and festivals.

  • Silk saree blouses

Stylish Sleeveless blouse in Silk - Black

What if you’re looking for something sleeker than cotton? Then, silk saree blouses are the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, silk is breathable and non-irritating, making the fabric just as comfortable as cotton. In fact, a silk blouse can be a good alternative to a cotton blouse during the summer.

This stylish sleeveless silk blouse can make all the difference in your wedding outfit, giving it a touch of class and modernity. Not to mention, the black fabric will work with almost any lehenga, from multicolored prints to matching designs.

  • Bowtie saree blouses

Black sleeveless blouse in Silk

Sometimes, all it takes is one small detail to elevate a simple blouse and turn it into a modern masterpiece. You don’t always need flashy mirrors or colorful embroidery—a chic bowtie will do the trick.

Check out this elegant contemporary blouse, for instance. Its black silk fabric may seem simple at first glance, but upon closer inspection, its bowtie design gives it a dash of charm that will impress even the most fashionable brides.

  • Choker saree blouses

Golden - Readymade saree blouses online usa

Do traditional blouses look and feel too simple for you? Choosing the right saree blouse can be tough, especially if most designs have the same types of necklines and sleeves.

But don’t worry—if you’re itching to step out of your comfort zone, there’s one style that will exceed all your expectations: the choker neck embroidered blouse. This modern blouse has a unique fit that will accentuate the length of your neck and the sharp angles of your shoulders, featuring golden embroidery on the front and back.

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