5 Regional Styles of Men's Designer Clothing in India

From North to South, India has a range of exquisite looks that will have you looking sharp and sophisticated for every special occasion. Whether it’s dapper sherwanis or charming kurtas - celebrate the diversity of this amazing country in style and grace. Make a statement with traditional Indian menswear at your next special occasion. With such an astounding array of diversity across India, you can choose from various styles and colors that represent different regions - all while looking dapper!

But first, what are some types of Indian Men’s Clothing in the USA?

Designer Kurta for Men

The classic kurta is a wardrobe must-have for any modern man with traditional style. From formal ceremonies to casual days, a kurta is the perfect way for you to show off your Indian heritage and culture. Its timeless design can be dressed up or down, making it the perfect choice whether you're attending an evening event or just chilling out at home. Crafted from luxuriously comfortable fabrics like cotton and silk, this loose fitting men's garment looks great when paired with pajamas, shalwars, churidars - even casual jeans! Show off your inner fashionista in an eye-catching round neck cotton kurta that will make all eyes turn to you wherever you go!

Designer Sherwani for Men

For occasions that require an elevated level of sophistication, the sherwani is a timeless piece for Indian men. Step up your outfit game with a classic sherwani! This timeless Indian party dress for men is designed to enhance any wardrobe, featuring luxurious long-sleeved outer coats tailored around the waist and falling below the knees. Choose from traditional buttoned styles or contemporary variations that come in stand-up collars or no collar at all - look good while feeling comfortable and confident!.

Indulge in high-class luxury with a classic sherwani. Handcrafted from soft, rich silk and intricately detailed diamond work embroidery - these timeless pieces of men's wear will give you the air of nobility for any special occasion.

  • Dhoti

 Make a statement with your wardrobe! The dhoti is more than just an iconic item of traditional Indian men’s wear; it's the perfect way to show off your unique style. This timeless garment includes one long piece of cotton that can be wrapped around or belted in place, and looks fabulous topped off by a classic kurta or shirt. From royals to common men, the dhoti has been a staple in Indian attire for centuries.

Whether they’re a toddler or an adult, there's no limit on dressing up with style. Get your little ones looking their best in this classic yet modern dhoti kurta. Featuring soft polyester fabric and a striking black fabric it is the perfect choice for weddings, parties, religious functions - any special occasion!

  • Angarkha

The angarkha is more than just a garment - it's like an invisible shield of protection to your body! This style varies in length depending on the region so no matter where you go, there will be something that fits. And these pieces aren't only practical – they come embellished with beautiful knots and ties for extra flair. It may even become one of your favorite looks this season... Trust us, you won’t regret it!.

Complete your wardrobe with the sophisticated Angarakha cream kurta set! This exquisite Indian men's clothing is crafted from luxurious silk, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go. Invest in timeless style and let its beauty add depth to all of your looks.

  • Kashmir shawl

Traditional headgear is just as important in India, like the majestic Kashmir shawl. It's intricately crafted from luxurious pashmina wool and was once only donned by Mughal royals to add extra flair to their wardrobe - perfect for bringing a touch of regality into your own look! Add the finishing touch to your ensemble with a luxurious Kashmir shawl! Let this exquisite garment add its timeless elegance to any look you choose.

How Indian traditional men’s wear varies by state

India, the vibrant subcontinent of Asia is home to a rich and diverse culture. With 28 states and 8 union territories, this country has something unique for everyone! Each state boasts its own stylish traditional clothing that celebrates local heritage with their amazing designs on both men's and women's wear.

Whether you're in the south or up north, seeing traditional Indian men's clothing changes with every state. From Gujarat to Assam, explore five captivating variations of menswear that are steeped in culture and heritage!

  • Assam

Assam sits nestled in the foothills of India's eastern Himalayas and is home to a unique culture. Men there favour simple yet sophisticated traditional attire, traditionally wearing dhotis paired with kurta tops alongside gorgeous hand-woven Gamesa cloths for special occasions. Women take pride in donning Mekhela Sador - an exquisite silk garment that celebrates their rich heritage!

Make an elegant statement with our white embroidered silk kurta! This luxurious Indian party dress for men and boys is crafted from the highest-quality materials, then finished off with exquisite detailing that will make you feel like royalty. Whether it's a special occasion or just a casual day out, this sophisticated Indian party dress for men won't disappoint.

  • Punjab

Experience the delightful enthusiasm of Punjab - India's most vibrant state! Whether it is through their celebrated colorful traditional clothing or spirited atmosphere, you can feel the energy radiating from this region.

Show off your playful personality in a cheerful yellow kurta. This traditional Indian men's wear is designed to keep you comfortable while making a bold statement - perfect for expressing the vibrant energy of Punjabi style! With its classic round neck, it will make every day feel special. Enjoy all-day comfort in this classic Indian men’s wear

  • Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a breathtaking paradise filled with majestic mountains and vibrant customs. The people of this beautiful state have their own unique style, where both men and women don traditional kurtas for special occasions. Men like to add the perfect finishing touch by pairing coarse kurtas with pajamas topped off with Himachal caps - creating looks that are sure to turn heads!

The locals in Himachal Pradesh are renowned for their creative sense of style. They often mix colors and accessorize with daring ornaments to make a bold fashion statement - such as the stunning, self-designed silk kurta pajama set which pairs royal blue with pristine white.

  • Gujarat

Like Punjab, Gujarat is alive with color and splendor, particularly during its many traditional festivals. Men in the area are well-dressed for these occasions in dhotis, pajamas and kurtas featuring dazzling prints of all hues - a truly captivating sight!

Make a stylish, timeless statement for your next wedding or special event with this mint green kurta set - crafted from luxurious brocade fabric and detailed with golden embroidery. Step out in style to any occasion wearing this elegant Indian men's party dress!

  • Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state renowned for its stunning palaces and fortresses, tantalizing spices, majestic deserts - not to mention the traditional clothing that captivates visitors from all over. Men in Rajasthan bring style and charm with their kurta-pajama combo or classic looks such as Kamar bands, angarkha's & turbans. It’s truly an experience you won't forget!

Step into your regal side with a black silk kurta that radiates sophistication! Its golden details add elegance and charm, while the timeless round collar makes it easy to pair perfectly with any look. Unleash inner royalty today!

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