7 Trend-Setting Designer Sarees To Stand Out on Any Festive Occasion

We, females, have endless dress options to try on. Every dress that we choose has something unique in it. But among all the ready-to-wear or stitched dresses, sarees are something that is really very close to our hearts. Undoubtedly right now, when we explore about saree option, there are so many options available. One can either go for georgette sarees or some can go for net sarees and some other options available in the market.

But among all the options available, a female wants to try that option that is in trend and make them look stunning as well. If you are someone who is looking forward to some stunning options to try on, don’t worry, and keep on reading. In this article, we will be exploring the top 7 trend-setting saree designs that we have in our collection, especially for you!

Designer Saree

Saree options to try on:

In this section, we will help you to know about the saree options that you can try. These are as follows:

1. Sea Green Pure Net Saree with Embroidery All Over:

This is the first option that we have on our list. Just imagine the color of a peaceful ocean reflecting the clear blue sky on a bright summer day. This saree captures that essence with its mesmerizing sea-green hue. This saree is crafted in pure net. It delicately drapes the body, offering both comfort and elegance. This also features embroidery that spreads uniformly, adding a touch of traditional charm. Pair it with silver or pearl accessories, and you're bound to make a lasting impression.

Also, if you want you can consider having a blouse that is in contrast with it and helps you to have a divine look.

2. Indian Saree Dress in Georgette – Pink

Pink is a color that never goes out of style, especially in the realm of festive wear. This saree, made from the soft and flowy georgette fabric, is proof of that. This one is designed as a saree dress, it merges tradition with modernity. The draping is simple, making it a perfect pick for those who are new to wearing sarees. To make yourself look prettier, we recommend you pair this saree with gold or oxidized jeweler. These will compliment this saree like nothing else can.

3. Lightweight Net Saree with Contrast Blouse:

The beauty of this saree lies in its simplicity. Lightweight and easy to drape, it's ideal for those who prefer elegance without the weight of heavy fabrics. The contrasting blouse adds a splash of color, turning a simple saree into a statement piece. Whether you're attending a daytime function or a moonlit soirée, this combination will ensure you stand out effortlessly.

4. Pure Net Indian Saree – Pink:

The attraction of pink returns in this saree, but with a different twist. Made of pure net, its fabric feels like a second skin, ensuring maximum comfort. The saree embodies grace and femininity, making it a top choice for events where you aim to dazzle with subtlety. Team it with matching jewelry and a chic updo to complete the look.

5. Designer Indian Wedding Saree – Gray:

Gray might not be the first color that comes to mind when thinking of festive wear. Yet, this designer saree will change that perception. Evoking the image of a cloudy evening sky, its gray hue exudes sophistication. The intricate design and embellishments make it apt for grand occasions, especially weddings. Silver accessories would complement this saree perfectly, offering a look that's both regal and contemporary.

6. Lightweight Net Saree – Mauve:

Mauve is a color that's both romantic and sophisticated. This lightweight net saree captures the essence of this hue perfectly. Effortless to drape and comfortable to wear, it's a great choice for those who wish to blend tradition with a hint of modernity. Paired with a darker toned blouse or accessories, this saree can be a head-turner at any event.

7. Indian Wedding Saree – Yellow:

Yellow, the color of sunshine and marigolds, brings with it a promise of joy and festivity. This saree, with its vibrant hue, is reminiscent of traditional Indian celebrations. Perfect for daytime functions or summer weddings, its brightness will light up any room. Gold accessories and a pair of jhumkas are all you need to accentuate its beauty.

Additional tips to follow:

When you are looking forward to getting a saree for you, make sure to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Choose the fabric that you can carry easily. Sometimes choosing some heavy fabrics can make you feel uncomfortable when you consider wearing them.
  • For sarees that are heavy in look always consider wearing minimal jewelry. But if you are looking to have some minimal sarees, then you can team it up with heavy jewelry. But do not wear jewelry in excess.
  • When selecting a designer saree blouses, consider the occasion and your comfort level with the fabric. Lighter fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and crepe are easier to manage and drape well on most body types.
  • While it might seem old-fashioned, using safety pins can be a lifesaver, especially for saree beginners. Pin the pleats together before tucking them in, and also secure the pallu (the draped end of the saree) on your shoulder.
  • Depending on the occasion and the design of your saree, choose jewelry that complements rather than overshadows it. Jhumkas, bangles, and a statement necklace can enhance your appearance.
  • Neatly done pleats can make you look graceful and put-together. Start by holding the saree at one end and make small pleats till you reach the middle. These pleats should be uniform in size.


The saree, with its elegance and versatility, remains a favored choice for festive occasions. The seven sarees mentioned above are but a glimpse into the vast ocean of choices available from Chiros By Jigyasa. Whether you're attending a traditional ceremony or a contemporary party, there's a saree for every event. So, drape on and dazzle away!