8 Must-Have Pieces in Men's Indian Wardrobe


Do men struggle to create distinct looks without makeup and elaborate hairstyles, a privilege that women have? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. However, the solution lies in the realm of sophisticated and appropriate attire. The onus of their appearance solely rests on their clothing choices, which makes it imperative that these choices are perfect. Enter our collection, where we seamlessly blend traditional and modern elements to offer you a diverse array of men's Indian clothing, ensuring your look is flawless for any occasion. So make your weddings fashionable with Chiro's by Jigyasa.


Men's Indian clothing is a treasure of tradition and innovation, where each garment weaves a story of cultural richness—ranging from the intricate embroidery of sherwanis to the vibrant hues and patterns of silk kurtas. Every piece of ours is a canvas reflecting the heritage and stylish artistry unique to India.

If you are unable to reach your ancestral land or missed something about it, then you can wrap these garments and feel the sense of relativity. Every attire itself speaks about the diversity of India.


We incorporate men's Indian clothing into American life, following a long-lasting tradition. It allows you to embrace the Indian legacy with confidence, no matter where you are on the globe. Due to the courtesy of online shopping, your desirable Indian attires are easy to access. So, men, get ready to infuse your wardrobe with the richness of Indian wear with Chiro's by Jigyasa.


Elegant Cotton Kurta Pajama:

If we talk about comfortable and airy attire, then cotton kurta pajamas are a must-have wardrobe companion. The charm resides in the unassuming nature of the fabric, offering a laid-back and fashionable appearance that seamlessly fits into diverse occasions.

Self-Printed Silk Kurta sets:

In this outfit, designs are intricate, and patterns are woven directly into the fabric of these silk kurtas. The self-print adds a personalized touch, making each kurta distinct.

Round Neck Kurta: 

The neckline design of round kurtas stands out. It is versatile and can be easily augmented, allowing individuals to experiment with different accessories like necklaces, chains, or scarves to complement the look.

Brocade Silk Kurta Pyjamas: 

They feature a splendid fabric known for its elevated patterns. The entangled brocade work adds a cherry on top with its regal and festive touch, making it a preferred choice for special occasions and celebrations.

Indo-Western Sherwanis: 

It is a fusion of traditional Indian and contemporary Western styles. They mainly showcase elements like unique cuts, modern fabrics, and inventive designs, making them a blend of cultural aesthetics.

Traditional Sherwanis:

These sherwanis are distinguished by superb embroidery, intricate detailing, and a royal look. The craftsmanship and use of traditional designs set them apart, making them a timeless and sophisticated option for weddings and formal gatherings.

Men's Waistcoats:

This men's Indian clothing adds a cover of refinement to an outfit. The unique feature lies in the versatility of waistcoats, as they can be tangled with various outfits like shirts, kurtas, or even t-shirts, adding a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

Silk Kurta with Gold Pyjama Set:

For a lavish and opulent assemblage, the combination of a silk kurta with gold pajamas is an excellent option. The gold touch in the pajama set reflects a royal touch, making this attire particularly suitable for grand celebrations and formal ceremonies.


Printed pocket square: Contrasting or matching colorful pocket squares add refinement to your outfit.

Sunglasses: Wear designer sunglasses with your traditional outfits to enhance your cool look

Juttis or Mojris: Crafted or intricate footwear perfectly complements your ethnic wear, which adds a regal touch to it. 

Shawl: To add a masculine feeling to your wear, you must carry a shawl with a kurta or sherwani around your shoulder, which also keeps you cozy.

Metal bracelets: To add a modern touch to your traditional attire, remember to add some accessories to it, like beaded or metal bracelets.


Isn't deciding what to wear on any special event just the most critical question you mostly face in your entire life? So, if you are also one of them and find yourself uncertain about where to discover the ideal outfits, look no further – we've got you covered!

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