Banarasi Sarees: The Perfect Attire for Women Who Love to Dress Up

Enter into the charismatic universe of Banarasi sarees where the tradition and style go hand in hand in every single thread. Banarasi sarees are not only garments; they are heritage pieces sewn with love and skill, admired by women who love to dress for each type of occasion. The silk fabrics used in these sarees are of top quality, and the embroidery is done with gold and silver threads, which depict the lustrous Mughal artistry in their motifs. A must-have for any wedding, festival, or formal event, a Banarasi sari imparts a touch of class, charm, and glamour to its wearer. It is time for you to come with us as we will discover why Banarasi sarees are the ultimate choice for women who desire to be different.

Top 8 Banarasi Sarees To Own

1) Monica Silk Banarasi saree - Pink:

Discover your grace with our Monica Silk Banarasi Saree in a mesmerizing pink colour from our collection. Though the saree is intricately sewn in the capital of Varanasi, this masterpiece is the creation of traditional craftsmanship and modern style. The fabric's luxurious silk is decorated with golden motifs, which makes it a symbol of sophistication and elegance. Ideal for weddings, festive events, or lavish celebrations, the Monica Silk Banarasi Saree keeps you stylish and flamboyant. Unfold the amalgamation of heritage and subtlety; do not give it a miss; get your very own exquisite saree at Chiros by Jigyasa. Boost up your wardrobe and stand out with timeless grace. 

2) Benarasi Kota Patola sari - Blue

Step into the world of timeless elegance by wearing a Benarasi Sari with blue Patola work that is exclusively available at Chiros by Jigyasa. This saree unites the delicate designs of Banarasi craftsmanship with the legendary patterns of Patola, giving us a product that is as distinctive as it is attractive. The Kota fabric, which is lightweight but also has a luxurious touch, is embellished with lively geometrical designs that have the soul of Indian artistry. No matter the occasion, this sari is perfect for a celebration or social gathering; it will bring you all the compliments and admiration. Discover the blend of culture and fashion; own a Benarasi Kota Patola Saree today itself. 

3) Traditional Banarasi silk sari - Cream

Embrace the epitome of classical beauty with the Traditional Banarasi Silk Sari in an elegant cream shade, featured at Chiros by Jigyasa. This exquisite piece is woven from the finest silk, showcasing rich golden zari work that intricately patterns across the drape, embodying the grandeur of Banarasi artisanship. Perfect for weddings, formal events, or any special occasion where grace is key, this saree radiates a subtle yet striking allure that captures the spirit of Indian heritage. Make a statement of refined taste and cultural pride; let the Traditional Banarasi Silk Sari be the centrepiece of your wardrobe.

4) Banaras Kota Tilfi Jaal work Indian sari 

Discover the sheer elegance of the Banaras Kota Tilfi Jaal Work Indian Sari in a mesmerizing sky blue, available exclusively at Chiros by Jigyasa. This sari is a perfect blend of lightweight Kota fabric and the intricate, luxurious Tilfi Jaal embroidery that Banaras is renowned for. The delicate yet striking pattern is reminiscent of the clear blue sky, making it a poetic addition to your wardrobe. Perfect for either daytime parties or evening events, it's just what you need to give yourself a classy and elegant look. Express your style with this ever-elegant classic, a truly ancient art with a contemporary flavour.

5) Banarasi katan silk sari 

Give your wardrobe a new dimension with this vibrant yellow Banarasi Katan Silk Sari by Chiros by Jigyasa. This sari is a splendid example of Katan silk, which is so famous for both its rich texture and lasting character, decorated with mesmerizingly precise traditional patterns that highlight the artistic skills of Banaras. The cheerful yellow hue resonates the happiness and festivities and sets the tone for both the merry occasions and the elegant gatherings. Each fold of this sari carries the stories of heritage and craftsmanship so that you not only wear a garment but also a piece of art. 

6) Steel Gray soft jaal work Banarasi saree

Elevate your style with the Steel Gray Soft Khaddi Georgette Banarasi Saree, a sublime addition to our exclusive collection at Chiros by Jigyasa. This saree is the epitome of understated elegance, crafted from the softest Khaddi Georgette that drapes beautifully. The delicate steel gray hue paired with the exquisite zari work offers a modern twist on the traditional Banarasi, making it perfect for both formal occasions and casual chic gatherings. Its lightweight fabric ensures comfort without compromising on grace, allowing you to flaunt an aura of sophistication all day long.

7) Benarasi Kota Patola sari

Infuse a sense of regal glamour into your closet with the Benarasi Kota Patola Sari in ravishing red, available only at Chiros by Jigyasa. This sari artfully combines Kota's lightweight and airy fabric with the striking and detailed weave of Patola, resulting in a piece that is not only eye-catching but also comfortable. The red hue, which symbolizes passion and power, is the best choice for celebrations and important meetings. Lay your hands on this showpiece of traditional artistry, where each weave narrates the culture and the artisan's fervent dedication. 

8) Tissue Banarasi saree with embroidery - Sea Green:

Step into a realm of ethereal beauty with the Tissue Banarasi Saree in exquisite sea green, exclusively from Chiros by Jigyasa. This saree encapsulates elegance with its lightweight tissue fabric that glimmers subtly under the light, adorned with intricate embroidery that captures the essence of traditional Banarasi artistry. The refreshing sea green shade evokes the tranquility of ocean depths, making it perfect for any event where grace and poise are desired. 


Banarasi silks are undoubtedly a reflection of the eternal refinement and sophisticatedness, a blend of the rich culture and dexterous artisanry. Every woman who enjoys dressing up will find these sarees to be a perfect backdrop of elegance, tradition, and fashion that one can wear on any special occasion.