Explore Indian Ethnic Wear for Men: A Look at Traditional Styles

Indian ethnic wear for men depicts class, tradition, and modernity at the same time, which has no room for lack of choices and is perfect for different settings. The listicle will showcase the different types of outfits available in Indian men's clothing, starting from the stunning Sherwani to the multifaceted Kurta, and explore the beauty of Indian clothing styles. We will explore both the traditional outfits and the modern variations that express the 'Indian' essence through fashion, as these garments can be both culturally significant and trendy. Take a journey with us as we navigate the complex realm of Indian men's clothing

8 Best Ethnic Wear For Men

1) Regal Black Indo-Western Dress:

The Regal Black Indo-Western Dress is a glorious piece for those wanting to make an impact at sophisticated gatherings. Attention to detail shows in this outfit as the soft cotton lining and silk fabric in black create the image of a classy and elegant woman. It has royal gold embroidery on the collar and cuffs that make it look regal and royal. The ensemble is complemented with gold-hunter trousers matching the colors. As a result, a well-balanced and uniform appearance is ensured. A perfect statement piece for wedding or gala dresses, this gown guarantees to make anyone look sophisticated and chic.

2) Unique Indo-Western Sherwani in printed Silk:

The Unique Indo-Western Sherwani in Printed Silk is a combination of traditional elegance with contemporary style. It has a soft cotton lining and an off-white silk fabric decorated with an artistic print. Such a sleek sherwani is accompanied by matching gold pantaloons hunted to make it a suitable choice for various special occasions such as weddings and festivals. Its refined, elegant design puts the wearer in the spotlight of the venue and the rest of the gathered with elegance and style.

3) Traditional Sherwani in diamond work on neck and sleeves:

The Sherwani with diamonds on the neck and sleeves exudes an old-school charm that is both regal and opulent. The stunning diamond embroidery on the neck and sleeves enhances the beauty of this Sherwani, making it a timeless and chic choice. The softened, creamy fabric, paired with the red pajama and stole, creates a unified look that is perfect for weddings and formal parties. This outfit is not just a style statement, it's an investment in a classic piece that will make you the star at any event.

4) Biege Sherwani with Red Pants:

The Beige Sherwani with Red Pants gives us a formal look that is both classic and eye-catching. The perfect attire for formal events! It has a Zardosi embroidery detailing at the neckline, giving it a touch of luxury that stands out against the neutral beige. The red pants add a lot of vibrance and bring a bold contrast, and in turn, this outfit becomes a magnet for attention. This outfit is just perfect for weddings and receptions or for making an eye-catching, stylish statement but in the traditional manner and modern as well.

5) Mens Silk Kurta Pajama Set:

This Navy Blue Silk Kurta for Men from Chiro's by Jigyasa will be the class and refinement you need for any special function. From fine cotton, this Kurta is made that has the subtle gold embellishments that are added to give it a classic look. Matching gold churidar pants add a perfect finishing touch to the Kurta, and together, it make a harmonious and smart look. Ideal for weddings, receptions, or any such special events, this kurta set is made of luxury fabric and intricate design to make you comfortable and fashionable concurrently.

6) Kurta-V Neck:

The V-Neck Kurta offered by Chiro's by Jigyasa could be just the right accessory for any man's wardrobe to align with a temple visit, birthday, or wedding. The designers have brought forth this masterpiece that is handcrafted to ensure elegance and innovation. The V-neck design adds a modern sense to traditional Indian wear. With their bright orange hues, these kurtas are definitely the ones to grab attention and are perfect for the ones who love to make fashion statements in bold colors. Its own construction is responsible for both comforting and chic elements, which is the combination of the latest and original designs.

7) Men's pink Kurta:

The Men's Pink Kurta from Chiro's by Jigyasa is a radiant and fashionable piece that can be ideal for those who want to brighten up outfits with a bit of color. The Kurta is brocade, and it has a round neck design and is one of the most selling pieces for its quality and style. The stunning pink tone of this fabric provides an excellent accent for special events or everyday meetings. It will help you be always in vogue this season. This piece features both traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic, perfect for the daring individual who likes to add a twist to their usual fashion style.

8) Black Silk Kurta:

The Black Silk Kurta is a classic and classy piece from Chiro's by Jigyasa that would certainly infuse your wardrobe with a streak of finesse and chicness. This Kurta is magnificently designed out of medium-weight Silk, which would offer a smooth and luxurious look. Its classic black color, which is, of course, the color that has the ability to blend in with every occasion, whether formal or casual, makes it wearable. Perfect with contrast pants or traditional Indian wear, this Kurta is a must-have for those who want to have a regal and glamorous look.


Indian men's clothing offers a remarkable fusion of tradition and modernity, perfectly suited for various occasions. This exploration highlights the diversity and elegance of traditional outfits, such as sherwanis and kurtas, alongside contemporary styles that keep pace with global fashion trends. Embracing these garments not only enhances personal style but also celebrates rich cultural heritage, making every occasion memorable.