Exploring 5 Different Types of Silk Sarees for Classic Beauty

The silk sarees are beautifully draped clothes with a story to tell. Whether it's a majestic Benarasi Saree, elegant Chanderi Silk Saree, or comfy Cotton handloom saree, each has something to contribute to your wardrobe for that timeless charm. Let’s explore the magic of these traditional sarees.

Benarsi Saree

1. Regal Benarasi Saree

When a gem of luxury and tradition blends well, a Benarasi saree is crafted. Whether it's your mother or grandmother, everyone has Banarsi sarees to flaunt. 

These sarees originated from the holy city of Varanasi. When anyone wears a Benarasi Saree, it feels like a piece from history. This saree is the best example of the incredible skills of Indian craftsmen. The artisans weave gold and silver silk threads to form different fancy patterns. 

If you want to become the spotlight of the wedding or any celebration, you can drape a Banarsi Saree. This saree will draw attention and turn heads on you. Paired with Gajra, this saree will make you feel like ‘MAHARANI.’

 Banarsi saree is a must-have for your wardrobe to add a touch of timeless beauty. So get ready to stand outside the crowd by wearing your traditional sarees.

The Chikankari saree's subtle beauty adds a classy touch to your style. This traditional saree in your collection adds the tales of grace and charms to your wardrobe.

2. Evergreen Cotton Silk Saree

These online cotton sarees perfectly blend silk's richness and cotton's comfort. In other words, we can frame it as a comfy hug from luxurious fabrics. 

What makes these sarees so special?  

These sarees are easy-breezy, lightweight, and a perfect match for any celebration that will last long.

These sarees come in vibrant colors and different patterns. All these factors contribute to an aesthetic traditional wear.

This traditional saree is a forever favorite. When you wear a Cotton Silk handloom saree, it adds style with authenticity. 

Wrap yourself in the splendor of this saree.

3. Elegant Chanderi Silk Saree

Continuing our journey of silk sarees, now comes Chanderi Silk Sarees. These traditional sarees are as light as feathers with patterns and artistic motifs that tell the tales of Indian heritage and culture.

These Chanderi silk sarees are special because of their timeless beauty with modernity.

The chanderi silk sarees are available in different ranges of colors. These sarees have a soft shine and drape stylishly. This can be the best companion for any occasion and a joyful addition to your wardrobe.

4. Tussar silk saree

Tussar silk sarees can be called the epitome of elegance. 

Originating from mulberry silkworms, these saree flaunt their unique magic spell. Silk threads collected from silkworms are tied into a yarn and dyed into vibrant colors.

Due to their subtle golden glow, these sarees enhance the personality of the person wearing them.

The coarse texture of these sarees gives them a distinctive feel.

When draped beautifully, this traditional saree embraces Mother Nature's raw beauty. 

So, if you want to add a mother nature-inspired outfit to your collection, this is the best way to go.

5. Gazi Silk Saree

Gazi silk sarees also have their origin in Varanasi.

These sarees give a luxurious feel with a fine texture.

The beauty of these sarees lies within the zardozi embroidery or zari work. This saree is a perfect example of tradition blended with modernity.  

Each saree is a masterpiece crafted by skilled artisans who have attained these skills from generation to generation.

This cherished piece of art is easy to carry and lightweight.

As a heritage, Tussar silk sarees are passed on from great-grandmothers to their great-granddaughters.

In the world of traditional sarees, each saree narrates different a different story. These sarees are not fabric but timeless elegance. The best example of tradition and style together weaved to transform your wardrobe.

 At Chiros by Jigyasa, we don’t offer sarees but share a slice of Indian traditions and culture. These sarees go beyond fashion trends and are cherished by all.

So, which silk saree are you choosing for this festive season?