Floral Lehenga Choli: The Perfect Attire for Indian Weddings

Check out the Chiros by Jigyasa's Floral Lehenga Choli, which is the embodiment of the classic Indian wedding with a combination of traditional style and modern style. Each stitch is a tale of craftsmanship, and the colorful floral patterns of the carpets are the embodiment of the festive spirit of these joyful occasions. The lehengas are the ideal product for the modern woman who values her heritage, as they are a combination of comfort and luxury. Be it the bride or a cherished guest, our Floral Lehenga Choli will make you the center of attention, and you will be remembered for the whole day and all the photos. Enter our world of beautiful aesthetics and celebrate love with elegance and panache.

1) Hand embroidered  lehenga, inspired by Princess Jasmine.

Princess Jasmine was the inspiration for the Lehenga by Chiro, which was hand embroidered by Jigyasa, and thus, it captured the essence of the Arabian tales. The Lehenga is made of vibrant teal georgette, which has intricate hand embroidery, making it look royal and elegant. It is ideal for weddings and festive occasions as it combines traditional craftsmanship and contemporary styling to create a harmonious blend. The outfit is complemented by the fitted blouse and the long skirt, which together create a silhouette that is similar to one of Princess Jasmine's famous styles.

2) Green brocade lehenga

Go for the "Green Brocade Lehenga" from Chiro's by Jigyasa, which will give you regal elegance. This splendid piece, which is beautifully woven in the rich green silk brocade, has golden embroidery that shows luxury. This Lehenga is made to be worn at grand events and celebrations. With a beautifully embroidered blouse and a voluminous skirt, it creates a majestic and enchanting silhouette. This is the outfit that you will be able to wear at any exclusive event and make a statement. It is sure to turn heads and captivate hearts.

3) Georgette Lehenga with readymade blouse - green

Chiro's by Jigyasa's green Georgette Lehenga with Readymade Blouse is a mix of style and comfort. The Lehenga comes in a lush green colour and is made out of fine georgette fabric which has resham embroidery in floral motifs that add charm to it. Purchasing the readymade blouse ensures accuracy; therefore, this piece can be worn during any festival time. With its contrast red dupatta, this lehenga set is appropriate for those who love elegant ready-to-wear collections.

4) Floral design lehenga set - Green

Chiro's by Jigyasa has introduced their latest Floral Design Lehenga Set in Green – just right for the spring season! It has been marvelously designed from the finest quality georgette material with an amazing floral print that gives off an air of freshness as well as elegance. It includes an intricately embroidered blouse and frilly flowing dupatta, which makes it look even more stylish overall. This traditional yet modern style takes care of all your festive needs and weddings, too, making you stand out on every occasion you step in.

5) Floral design lehenga choli set 

Chiro's is the place to go if you want to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of the floral design lehenga choli set made by Jigyasa. This ensemble is the epitome of elegance as it is the Ivory Lehenga embellished with a vibrant floral print. The red choli that complements the Lehenga is handmade with embroidery, thereby making the whole look better. A lovely dupatta can be the finishing touch that will complete the whole look, thus making it perfect for any special occasion. Created in the USA, this outfit is proof of excellent taste and style, and you will be stunning on your big day.

6) Pink lehenga and choli set 

Chiro's by Jigyasa's Pink Lehenga and Choli Set will make you feel like you are in a world of grace and elegance. This set comes with a vivid pink lehenga and a beautifully embroidered choli, thus making it suitable for weddings and festive celebrations. This outfit made up of floral brown embroidery that is a perfect match for the soft pink fabric and frilled net dupatta, is proof of sophisticated style and comfort. Perfect for those who wish to leave a memorable impression, it is a perfect mix of the old and the new, both the classic and the modern.

7) Contemporary Lehenga in multicolor sequin - Black 

Stand out with Chiro's by Jigyasa's contemporary Lehenga in multicolor sequins, black. The elaborate piece consists of georgette fabric that is beautiful and comes with vibrant sequins in different colors and mirror work that creates a stunning effect. This fine-looking blouse, embellished with unique features and a well-made net dupatta, together give you an exceptionally modern look that also looks glamorous. With this Lehenga, you cannot go to any place without shining brightly because it is ideal for high-status events or fancy occasions where you want to be noticed.

8) Mirror Work lehenga in Ombre Blue

Plunge into the captivating spell of Chiros by Jigiyasa's ombre blue mirror work, Lehenga. A stunning gradient of blue characterized by intricate mirror work, which shines under any lighting conditions, informs this amazing ensemble. The Lehenga skirt has been gorgeously decorated while the blouse is enhanced with lots of nice beads, both creating a stunning figure. You'll surely make heads turn at this festive occasion, complete with a lightweight dupatta, when wearing a lehenga set like this one to such gatherings as these for those who value both elegant simplicity and traditional contentment.

9) Heavy Embroidery Georgette Lehenga - Red

Impress people through the use of Chiros by Jaygasa's heavy embroidery georgette lehnga in red color! The whole attire can be described as extravagance due to the deep red georgette skirt heavily embroidered on top matched against simply styled crop top style blouses. It is quite perfect for Indian weddings and other significant festivals as it combines both traditionalism and contemporaneity thus making women stylishly stand out with gracefulness and dignity. When your intention is to create a long-lasting memory about yourself during your special day, then this lehenga set is the most appropriate outfit for such an occasion. It is a red Lehenga that's been heavily worked on using traditional embroidery techniques, which exudes sophistication and elegance.

10) Pure Gerogette Lehenga set in White

Let your clothes reflect your coolness by wearing Chiros by Jigyasa's pure georgette white lehenga set. A beautiful white lehanga accompanied by a yellow vibrantly choli, both made of nice georgette fabric, makes up this outstanding set. Adding a light-weighted dupatta to the general look will make it more graceful and flowing. This particular lehenga set would be good for weddings, receptions, or any festive function where you want to feel like a princess in your own right. The splendid mix of color and good-quality fabric means that wherever you go, people will see you among the masses.


While you are rejoicing in the numerous traditions of Indian weddings, let Chiro's by Jigyasa's Floral Lehenga Choli be the reason for your jubilation with its unmatched beauty. Our collection guarantees not only clothes but a heritage reinterpreted, mixing old-world charm with modern elegance. Lehenga is the ideal choice for both brides and guests; each of them is proof of the beauty of floral artistry and the craftsmen's skills. Pick Chiro's by Jigyasa for your unique day and turn every moment into a precious memory. Capture the essence of the celebration wrapped in fashion and sophistication and turn your wedding into the one that will be remembered.