From Sherwanis to Kurta Sets: A Breakdown of Indian Wedding Dress Styles for Men

What comes to mind when you think of an Indian wedding? If you imagined an extravagant, colorful event filled with festivities, you’re on the right track. Indian weddings are known for their grandeur, and it’s not uncommon to see the groom and the male guests wearing stylish Indian wedding dresses for men, giving the women a run for their money.

With that said, the choices for traditional Indian dresses for men can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So, what are some of your options for the big day? Check out these recommendations:


The sherwani is a long coat that typically reaches below the knees, almost coming down to the calves. It is fastened with buttons and often embroidered with intricate patterns, making it one of the most elegant and appropriate wedding attires for men.

Most men choose to wear their sherwanis with tight trousers, which are known as churidars. These bottoms are generally loose around the hips and thighs; however, they gather more tightly around the ankle, giving the entire outfit a more streamlined look.

Here are some traditional sherwanis to consider for the occasion:

Elegant Indo Western Sherwani in Brocade Silk

Brocade is a classic option for wedding attire and festival wear. Unlike embroidery, brocades are woven into the fabric, resulting in a seamless design that complements a variety of patterns and colors.

Because of this, brocade sherwanis are almost ornamental, adding a touch of elegance to an outfit and making you feel like royalty. The Indo-Western sherwani in brocade silk is an excellent example, featuring luxurious cream-colored fabric with intricate designs on the sleeves and collar.

Unique Indo Western Sherwani in printed Silk

You can never be too decorated at an Indian wedding. After all, these events are known for their incredible attention to detail and love for colors and prints. So, if you want to go all out for the festivities, a printed silk sherwani won’t disappoint.

This unique but traditional Indian men’s clothing piece is daring yet sophisticated, featuring an off-white silk fabric with eye-catching patterns and prints. The outfit comes with matching gold hunter pants that will make you the star of the show, drawing everyone’s attention on your special day.

Modern Indo Western Sherwani with embroidery

One of the best things about traditional Indian dresses for men is that they boast the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The Indo-Western sherwani with embroidery is just one example, known for its cream-colored silk fabric and elaborate vine patterns.

This contemporary sherwani comes with a soft cotton lining to keep you comfortable throughout the day and is best worn at events like weddings and graduations.

Kurta pajamas

Elegance doesn’t always mean going out of your way to look stylish. In fact, you can keep things simple without sacrificing sophistication by wearing a kurta pajama set. Kurta pajamas are loose-fitting tops and bottoms that are not only comfortable but also easy to wear, making them ideal for warm climates and outdoor venues. 

And don’t be fooled—kurta pajamas can be intricately designed despite being much simpler than sherwanis. Below are just a few examples of kurtas that are appropriate to wear for a wedding:

Brocade Silk Kurta Pyjama Set – Gray

You can never go wrong with brocade, no matter if you’re wearing an elaborate sherwani or a more laid-back kurta pajama. This traditional Indian men’s clothing set is one of a kind, featuring lustrous gray brocade fabric and showcasing intricate gold accents. The bottoms come in rich gold, adding a splash of elegance to the entire look that will make you the highlight of the occasion.

Mint Green Kurta Gold Pyjama Set

Do you want to go for a more contemporary look for the event? Don’t hesitate to think outside the box and get yourself a mint green kurta pajama. This unique traditional Indian dress for men has a color like no other, stealing the spotlight wherever you go. But that’s not all—the kurta comes with a beautiful gold pattern that matches the pajamas perfectly, impressing your guests at every turn.

Purple and white kurta pajama set

There’s no better day to make yourself feel like royalty than a wedding. And when it comes to royalty and luxury, purple is undoubtedly the representative color.  A purple and white kurta pajama set will transform you into a king for the day, exuding an air of sophistication and style.

What’s great is that this kurta pajama set is made with lightweight fabric, making it ideal for summer weddings and outdoor receptions. The purple kurta is also adorned with elaborate gold embroidery that goes down to the neck, highlighting your best features.

Silk kurta pajama set

Silk is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics in fashion, and it’s not hard to see why. This material is smooth, shiny, and soft and has a characteristically elegant appearance that sets it apart from other fabrics.

So, wearing silk to a wedding is never a bad idea. The silk kurta pajama set is a classic option that won’t disappoint, featuring a stunning navy blue kurta with gold pajama pants.



Modi jacket-Blue - Chiro's By Jigyasa

Accessories can be a great way to elevate your look and turn a simple outfit into a memorable Indian wedding dress for men. One popular option is to wear a waistcoat with your suit. Waistcoats come in various colors, including black, beige, and sky blue, so you won’t have any trouble finding a piece that will perfectly match your fit.

You can also check out other accessories to complete your wedding outfits, such as a scarf, dhoti, and footwear like mojris and jutties.


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