How To Take Proper Care of Your Bridal Designer Lehenga

The designer lehenga you wore on your wedding day is more than simply an article of clothing; it is a keepsake and a symbol of that one incredible day. If you want your lehenga to look beautiful for years to come, you need to take extra special care of it. Stunning embroidery, high-end materials, and expert construction characterize it. With this comprehensive advice, you may preserve and proudly display your luxury bridal designer lehenga for as long as you choose.

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1. Pre-Wedding Care Tips

Prepare your lehenga for the big day by doing the following:

a) Storage: Your lehenga will last longer if you keep it in a cool, dry spot protected from extreme heat or cold.

b) Hanging: To prevent the lehenga from stretching out of shape while hanging, use padded hangers or a dummy.

c) Perfume Application: To preserve the delicate fabric of the lehenga, avoid spraying perfume directly on it.

2. Wedding Day Care Tips

Remember to keep these pointers in mind while you're donning the lehenga for wedding:

a) Handling: When it comes to handling, the best way to avoid accidentally tearing the lehenga is to ask a reliable friend or member of your family for assistance when putting on and taking off the garment.

b) Walking: Be careful not to trip or snag the delicate embroidery on the lehenga to prevent any damage.

3. Post-Wedding Care Tips

After the celebration has come to an end, it is essential to take the necessary steps to preserve the perfect quality of your lehenga:

a) Dry Cleaning: If the item in question has been stained, oiled, or has makeup on it, you should have it dry-cleaned by a trained professional. This will remove any stains, oils, or makeup that may have gotten on the fabric.

b) Examine the Embroidery: Examine the stitching and embellishments on the lehenga for any beads or threads that are hanging loose. Repairs should be attended to as soon as possible to avert further destruction.

c) Fold with Extreme Caution: Fold the lehenga carefully along its natural creases and use acid-free tissue paper to cushion the folds and prevent wrinkles from forming. Fold the lehenga along its natural creases.

d) Storage: You should avoid using plastic bags because they tend to retain moisture, and instead, place the folded lehenga in a garment bag that is permeable to air.

4. Long-Term Preservation Tips

If you intend to preserve your lehenga as an heirloom, follow these guidelines:

a) Storage Space: Choose a storage space free from humidity and temperature fluctuations, such as a closet with a controlled climate.

b) Avoid Display: While displaying your lehenga can be tempting, prolonged exposure to light can cause colors to fade if you want to display it occasionally and under controlled conditions.

c) Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect the lehenga for signs of wear, mold, or any other issues. Immediately address any concerns to prevent further damage.

5.Getting Help from a Professional

If there is any facet of taking care of your lehenga about which you are unclear, you should strongly consider speaking with an experienced preservationist or textile conservator. They can provide you with expert advice and even preservation services to ensure that your cherished garment will last for many years to come.

Some Additional Tips for Taking Care of Your Bridal Lehenga

By adhering to these pointers, you can help ensure that your designer bridal lehenga will continue to look beautiful even after many years.

  1. It is best not to wear your lehenga if it will rain or snow.
  2. Lehengas are made of delicate fabric that can easily be snagged or ripped; thus, it is important to exercise caution when sitting or walking in them.
  3. If you happen to spill something on your lehenga, you should use a clean cloth to blot it up as soon as possible. Do not rub the stain, as this could cause the cloth to become permanently damaged.
  4. You should take your lehenga to a trustworthy cleaner who specializes in bridal clothing if you need to have it dry cleaned.
  5. You can make your lehenga fuller by adding a can-can or bukhram.
  6. Make sure your skirt fits you just right.
  7. Choose jewelry that goes well with your outfit.
  8. Before you wear your lehenga, have it cleaned and pressed by an expert.

The Takeaway

Your bridal designer lehenga is a beautiful piece of art that shows how essential and beautiful your wedding day is. By following these care instructions, you can make sure that your lehenga stays a treasured memory of the love and joy that marked the start of your journey together. If you take good care of your designer wedding lehenga, it will be a treasured heirloom for many years.