Layman Guide to What a Saree is

In Indian tradition, the saree is not just a piece of fabric but represents Indian tradition, culture, and heritage. It's a perfect example of artistry and tradition blending to give you gracefulness. Those who are familiar with draping a saree can drape it in less than five minutes and can call it a timeless elegance. A saree is a long, continuous piece of fabric that usually extends from six to nine yards in length. When draped beautifully around the body, it gives a stunning look. 

Defining saree only based on length would be an injustice to this outfit. Below are more dimensions of a saree one should know.

A saree is a three-piece outfit. 

  • Saree
  • Blouse
  • Petticoat

First, we will understand the concept of sarees.

Types of Fabric in Sarees-

Sarees come in different fabrics, each with its charm. Some are lightweight for daily wear, and others can be worn on different occasions. 

Each fabric has its texture and feels like some are as soft as a sponge, while others can be a bit hard. Below are the basic fabrics in which a saree is usually available. But there are also other fabrics like organza, synthetic, and linen. 

  • Cotton Sarees 

Cotton sarees, especially online cotton sarees, are the most comforting choice. Cotton fabric is lightweight and breathable, and sarees made from this material offer the same comfort.

Cotton Sarees
  • Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are the most elegant sarees one could have. Silk fabric is the most luxurious fabric. Its texture is lustrous. This fabric gets easily draped, thus making you look more graceful. 

Silk Sarees

  • Chiffon and Georgette sarees

Chiros By Jigyasa offers a range of sarees, including Chiffon and Georgette sareesThis fabric is very delicate and lightweight. It has a very fine texture and sheer quality and offers a flowy drape to enhance your look. These types of sarees are perfect for formal meetings or gatherings.

Georgette Saree

  • Length

Usually, saree lengths are between nine and six yards. The length of the saree allows the creation of different styles by draping it differently. The broadness of all sarees is generally the same. 

Blouses of the sarees

Sarees are accompanied by Blouses. It is basically a crop top that covers the upper (chest part) of the body. It is usually 1 meter long and comes in different designs and styles. You can stitch it according to your body measurements. You can design it according to your personality. Sometimes, these blouses come in the same color and also contrasted. The basic types of blouses are shown below.

  • Short sleeve Blouse 

The most common type of blouse type is the short-sleeved blouse. The neck design of these blouses is generally round and square. Women generally wear these blouses in everyday life as they give utmost comfort.

  • Halter neck blouse

These blouses have a very unique design. The straps of this blouse are tied behind the neck. These blouses are sleeveless. They give a very trendy design to the saree. They are often worn at cocktail parties.

  • Backless Blouse 

As the name suggests, these blouses feature an exposed back. These blouses are designed to give that bold look. These are a popular choice for that celebrity look. 

  • Petticoat

When it comes to the wearing of a saree, everyone generally focuses on the saree and blouse. But beneath the saree lies the main hero, which is a petticoat. Below the saree, you’ll find a skirt-like apparel that helps to secure the saree. The saree is tied on this petticoat. It matches the color of the saree. Mostly, this garment is overlooked, but it plays very crucial when it comes to draping a saree. 

Roles of the Petticoat

  • Giving structure to the saree-

It works as a skeleton for the saree. It helps the saree to retain its shape and pleats. Without this, the saree would not be able to drape elegantly.

  • Act as a barrier between skin and saree-

It acts as a barrier so that the outlines of the garment are not visible.

Sarees are the blend of modernity with tradition. In its simplest form, it's just a piece of cloth, but when paired with different kinds of blouses, it can help you to achieve that modern look. Moreover, saree fever extends beyond the borders of India.  It is widely present in Bollywood and now even on the red carpets. Purchase a saree from Chiros By Jigyasa and let it become part of your story.