Top 10 must-have sarees for every occasion

In Indian culture, sarees are an essential part of women’s clothing. Sarees are a symbol of grace and elegance. The tradition of wearing a saree is a legacy as it has been passed from generation to generation. Sarees reflect the essence of Indian heritage.

Whether you are attending a cocktail party, celebrating festivals like Diwali 

1. The Silk Sarees

The silk sarees are luxurious and known for their lustrous texture, sheen, and softness. Silk fibers are made by cultivating silkworms. Then, the silkworms are fed on mulberry leaves. The silk threads from multiple cocoons are tied to form a yarn of silk threads. After this, silk threads are dyed, offering a rich palette of colors. The craftsmanship involved in creating these silk sarees is extraordinary. Anyone wearing this Indian saree dress will stand out in the crowd.

silk saree

2. The Georgette Sarees

These sarees are sheer and light in weight. They are primarily suitable for formal events. They come in both plain and printed designs. Georgette sarees are also available in embroidery and embellishments. 

These Indian saree dresses are a must-have in your collection.  

Georgette Saree

3. The Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are usually translucent and lightweight. They are a perfect choice for daytime events. This Indian saree dress features delicate floral prints. They drape beautifully and always give a touch of femininity.

Chiffon Saree

4. The Kanjivaram Sarees

These sarees have a unique quality that sets them apart. This Indian saree dress is a legacy. They are often passed from one generation to the next. These sarees look more elegant with Gajra. They are usually worn at South Indian weddings and special occasions. These sarees come in eye-catching colors. 

5. The Cotton Sarees

These sarees are a must-have for every woman who has an eternal love for sarees. Cotton sarees are known for their breathable and comfortable fabric. They are the ideal choice for summer evenings and office attire. This  Indian saree dress is a perfect match for a Polished look.

6. The Glamorous Bollywood Sarees

There is no such saree as a Bollywood saree, but when paired with a stunning blouse and leaving your shoulders and back exposed, it is commonly referred to as a Bollywood saree. 

7. The Benarsi sarees

The benarsi sarees have been associated initially with Varanasi. People of Varanasi used to wear these traditionally woven Indian saree dresses 

in celebrations and weddings. These sarees are made from brocade work, gold, and silver zari. These threads are used in making the benarsi saree a heritage. 

8. The Bandhej Sarees

These sarees have a unique style of tie and dye, which creates beautiful patterns and designs. These sarees are vibrant in color, which makes them perfect wear for festivals and family gatherings. Bandhej sarees are also known as bandhani sarees. These Indian saree dresses depict the royal culture of Rajasthan.

9. Organza Sarees

Organza sarees feature their delicacy and sheerness in nature. These Indian saree dresses are symbols of elegance and sophistication. As their name suggests, these sarees are manufactured from an organza fabric, originally from China. The shimmering organza fabric gives it a luxurious and radiant quality. Organza sarees are perfect for every occasion during the daytime.

Organza Sarees

10. Satin sarees

Satin sarees are a blend of grace and luxury. Satin sarees has a unique combination of shiny and smooth surface. These sarees come in vibrant colors and patterns, which makes them the best choice for every occasion. 

Satin Saree


Care And Maintenance Of These Sarees 

Luxury Indian sari dress need care like a newborn. It is essential to maintain their beauty so that they last for years. Below are mentioned some maintenance tips and tricks. 

  1. These sarees should be stored in a cool, dry place. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may fade colors. You can also use saree bags and fabric covers to protect them from dust.
  2. Most of these luxury sarees are prescribed for dry cleaning only.
  3. When they are not in use, you should not fold along the same crease lines.
  4. One should use natural moth repellents to save them from moths.
  5. You should often visit any professional so that he can inspect any hidden damages.


Sarees are not just an outfit in Indian society but also play an integral role in Indian culture. Enhancing wardrobes from with diverse collections makes you prepared for every occasion. 

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