Unforced Glamor Exploring The Casual Saree Trend In More Depth

Every Indian woman loves to have a beautiful and designer saree collection in their wardrobe. Sarees have never gone out of fashion. It also remains in trend being the most popular ethnic collection of all time. Among the vast categories of sarees, do you know which is the all-time favorite and a timeless choice? A casual saree category is the ultimate choice for every woman. The reason behind its popularity is the superior simple and elegant design which can fit every occasion and party. Chiro's By Jigyasa has a wide variety of casual saree collections available in different designs and colors. 

In this blog, let's check out why casual saree is always more popular than other categories. 

Top Reasons Why Casual Saree Always Been A Trendy Choice

Made of Comfort Fabric Material

A casual saree is usually made of fabric that prioritizes comfort. It is usually available in three fabric choices that are cotton, georgette and linen. These fabrics offer breathability and ease of movement. It makes you feel comfortable all day. 

Fits With Different Accessories

Casual sarees can be paired up with different accessories. If you want a fancier look to elevate your casual style, you can pair the saree with various accessories. Complement with a simple necklace, statement earrings, and a watch, which will elevate the style without making it look heavy. 

Paired With Different Blouse Styles

You can experiment with casual sarees with different blouse styles effortlessly. This will also result in unique looks. A casual saree will go well with a halter neck, boat neck and also with a sleeve blouse. All these will give the complete appearance a contemporary look. 

Go Best With All Footwear

When it comes to footwear styles, casual sarees can be paired with any style. Based on the party type and occasion, you can complete your look with flats, heels, and kolhapuri footwear. Pairing up with the right footwear will make a significant difference in your overall look.

Mix and Match Styles

Casual sarees will also go well with mix-and-match pair-up styles. You can move ahead to experiment with mixed-match blouse and saree styles and combinations. The contrast in patterns and colors will give a striking appearance.

Places to Wear Casual Sarees

Casual sarees can be worn everywhere, this is why it is a versatile choice. You can wear it on different occasions and places. Here is a list of places to wear the casual saree from Chiro's By Jigyasa. 


For a casual brunch party with your friends or family, you can dress up with a casual saree. It is a stylish and comfortable choice compared to other saree types. 

Daytime Events

Thinking about what to wear at a daytime event? Want to keep your look traditional and elegant? You can go with a casual saree, which will help you stand out and still keep you comfortable. 

Business Meetings

You can go for a subtle and elegant casual saree for work meetings to make a professional impression. Apart from this, a casual saree can be a daily office wear, keeping up with comfort and style. 

Night Parties

Whether you are hosting or attending a night party, you need to carry a subtle look. You can simply go for a casual saree and minimal accessories. 

Types of Casual Sarees

Check out the list of types of casual sarees from Chiro's By Jigyasa that are currently in trend:

Cotton Casual Saree 

This comes with great comfort and breathability, which makes it perfect for daily wear in summer. 

Linen Casual Saree 

This type defines elegance. It is lightweight and breathable, which makes it an ideal choice for office and kitty parties. 

Georgette Casual Saree 

This will add sophistication to your wardrobe. These are available in different prints, such as floral, abstract, and polka dots. It is best for both formal and casual parties. 

Printed Cotton Casual Sarees 

It is available in different designs and fabrics. You can go for block prints and digital prints.

Final Thoughts 

Casual sarees offer comfort, style, and the opportunity to express yourself in everyday life. Whether you're going to work, meeting friends, or just enjoying a relaxing day, a casual saree will be your trusty companion. Enjoy the effortless elegance of casual sarees from Chiro's By Jigyasa, explore different types, and make them an essential part of your daily fashion journey.