Discover The Best Lehengas for Women

Lehengas are famous and traditional outfits that have been worn for ages in Indian culture. These exquisite garments are renowned for their breathtaking patterns, skilled needlework, and vivid colors, which reflect India's rich cultural legacy. Are you going to a retro-themed party, attending a wedding ceremony, or celebrating Eid? If the answer is unquestionable yes, you should surely look into the many designer lehengas to wear on these occasions. So, Let’s unravel the charm of these beautiful lehengas.

Explore The Different Types Of Elegant Lehengas 

Charm of Classic Lehengas 

The traditional lehengas for women are the perfect option if you want to give your clothing a dash of traditional beauty. Furthermore, these classic pieces are still in style today, especially among brides and wedding guests, having been a mainstay of Indian fashion for generations.

The most talented designers in India have given the traditional lehenga a contemporary twist while maintaining its traditional heritage. Several well-liked lehengas are as follows:

➤ A-line lehenga style: This style has a fitted waist that swells into an A-line form. It fits well on most body shapes and is frequently embellished with beautiful embroidery. 

➤ Mermaid lehenga: This design resembles a mermaid tail as it flows from the waist down to the bottom. It's a more contemporary version of the traditional lehenga and is frequently made of vivid fabrics and colors. 

Modern Fusion Wear Lehengas 

Fusion lehengas for women are becoming increasingly popular among Indian brides and fashionistas as the ideal fusion of traditional and modern trends. These gorgeous pieces are the perfect fusion of contemporary cutting, patterns, and motifs with classic lehenga designs.

Fusion Lehengas come in a wide range of designs and colors, from exquisite embroidered work like floral-design lehenga choli sets to elaborate beads. You can choose a richly embroidered one with beautiful zari work or a more understated but still lovely one with delicate embroidery.  

Fusion Lehengas come in a variety of colors to match the designs themselves. You can go for more subdued colors like pastel pinks and blues, or you can choose from a variety of vivid hues like fuchsia, orange, and emerald green.  

The Chic Sharara Style Lehenga

The Sharara cut lehenga, which takes its cue from traditional Sharara pants, has a wide-legged bottom that makes it look more like pants than a skirt. This look offers comfort and style by fusing classic and modern components.

➤ Suitable Occasions: Ideal for joyful festivities and pre-wedding events like sangeet and mehendi.

➤ Fabric Options: Silk, georgette, and crepe work well for this look.

  • For a classic look, pair it with a long blouse in the form of a kurti.
  • For a festive touch, accessorise with jhumkas and a maang tikka.
  • Choose cozy flats or juttis to go with the loose fit.

The Stylish Banarasi Lehenga

The exquisite texture and elaborate designs of Banarasi silk make the Banarasi lehenga unique. This classic look is ageless and radiates majesty and elegance.

➤ Appropriate Occasions: Ideal for weddings, particularly for brides desiring a classic yet majestic appearance.

➤ Fabric Selection: The most common type of cloth is banarasi silk.

Match with traditional jewelry such as sets of Polki or Kundan.

To highlight the detailed embroidery on the choli and dupatta, go for a high bun or braided hairstyle. Select a dupatta that accentuates the elaborate needlework and luxurious fabric of the lehenga.

Bridal Lehengas

The bridal lehenga is the most sought-after and treasured garment for a bride in Indian weddings. Not to mention that these lehengas are authentic pieces of art!

The best Indian clothing store have the perfect, gorgeous bridal lehengas, each one perfectly balancing tradition and modernity. These lehengas are typically composed of opulent materials like brocade, silk, or velvet. They also have elaborate handiwork, decorations, and stitching that can take tens of thousands of hours to emphasize fully.

When searching for a traditional bridal lehenga for women, make sure to pay attention to these essential details:

  • Exquisite handicrafts and needlework
  • Luxurious materials like velvet or silk
  • A blend of characteristics from the past and present
  • A color scheme that goes well with your complexion tone and sense of style

If you choose the appropriate lehenga, you'll look and feel like a genuine Indian bride—elegant, timeless, and unforgettable!

How To Choose The Right Lehengas? 

You can choose the right lehengas for the right occasion and according to the size of your body: 

➤ Select the Ideal Lehengas for Your Body Shape

Lehengas come in a variety of styles, and your appearance can be significantly improved by selecting the appropriate one based on your body type. For example, choose a mermaid or fishtail lehenga if you have an hourglass body. A-line or flared lehengas can assist in balancing your proportions if you have a pear-shaped body. For apple-shaped bodies, a high-waisted lehenga with a full skirt works wonderfully. 

➤ Fabric for Your Lehenga

The fabrics you choose primarily determine your lehenga's appearance and feel. Net, chiffon, and georgette are appropriate for a lighter and breezier appearance, while silk, velvet, and brocade are other standard options for a magnificent and traditional style. Satin and crepe are perfect for a sleek and contemporary lehenga. 

While selecting the fabric, consider the occasion and season. Certain fabrics are better suited for summer or outdoor events, while others may be more suitable for winter weddings. 

➤ Choose the Right Lehenga for the Occasion

The occasion you will be wearing your lehenga for is an essential consideration while selecting one. Choose elaborately embroidered or decorated lehengas from the best Indian clothing store, chiro by Jigyasa, with detailed features and motifs for weddings and special occasions. Choose lighter lehengas with straightforward embroidery or designs for more informal occasions like sangeets or mehndi ceremonies. 

Think about the color scheme as well since some shades work better for activities that take place during the day or at night. Finally, remember to complete the look of your lehenga by adding shoes and jewelry that go with the ensemble and the event. 


Here are gorgeous lehenga outfits for women that draw inspiration from traditional themes and modern concepts. There is a design out there to fit every bride's taste and personality, whether you are drawn to the delicate beauty of the classic lehengas or the regal elegance of the banarasi lehengas. Go ahead, show off your inner queen, and let your lehenga on your event day tell the tale of your style and elegance. Discover designer lehengas from the best Indian clothing stores at reasonable prices.