Top 6 Traditional Sarees For Timeless Elegance

We welcome you to the journey of the magical world of traditional sarees that goes beyond fashion !!!

The colorful world of sarees depicts the story of rich Indian culture and heritage. Traditional sarees keep us reminded of the timeless beauty found in the cultural roots.  These traditional sarees make sure to drape us in exquisite fabric and keep us connected with the warmth of our traditions and heritage.

These sarees are not merely clothes. Instead, they are living examples of Indian customs. Each saree reveals different types of craftsmanship, artistry, and origins. Every saree has a different draping style, measurements, and diverse stories. Let’s dive into the journey where tradition meets modernity. 

  • Delicate Chikankari Sarees
  • Can you imagine a drawing with threads on a sheer/airy fabric?

    The Chikankari saree is a perfect example of simplicity and sophistication meeting Westernisation. A Chikankari Saree is about delicate hand embroidery, usually on georgette fabric.

    The royal families of the Mughal era also wear chikankari embroidery. It originated from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow.

    This traditional Chikankari saree is a masterpiece created by skilled craftsmen. These craftsmen pass on their skills from one generation to another, which is how the magic of Chikankari embroidery on sheer fabrics is everlasting.

  • Banarasi sarees
  • Banarasi sarees are about India's traditions, Craftsmanship, and cultural heritage. These traditional sarees are born in the heart of Banaras, the old name for Varanasi. Varanasi, the place which is known for its rich history and tapestry, was the house for skilled craftsmanship. 

    Banarasi sarees are usually made from silver and gold zari threads and then weaved into silk fabrics. This weaving process is an uphill task as it requires the dedication of skilled artisans. The zari work using these metallic threads gives it a regal touch. These sarees are the perfect choice for festival and wedding wear. 

    Banarasi sarees are not simply clothing but an addition of charm, beauty, and harmony to your collection.

  • Net embroidered sarees
  • In this ever-evolving fashion trend, Net embroidered sarees become the bridge between past and present. 

    Embroidered Net sarees are the best option for those who want something delicate and fashionable. 

    Net embroidered fabrics are usually see-through and have intricate embroidery. The charm of sheer net embroidered fabric is perfect for a summer evening. One can accessorize these traditional sarees with jewelry to create various looks.

    These sarees are more than clothing as they bring a modern touch with traditionality.

  • Bengali sarees   
  • Bengal has a rich historical background and a unique cultural identity, reflected in its attire. Even from Bengal, these Bengali sarees have a distinct identity. 

    A classic white cotton silk saree with red borders perfectly illustrates a Bengali saree. This traditional saree is known for its comfortable cotton fabric. Sometimes, these borders are weaved with gold threads to enhance the look. These little details make the Bengali sarees stand out. 

    The vibrant colors of these sarees also complement the person wearing them. Wearing this saree is like celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Bengal.

  • Georgette sarees
  • Georgette saree is the perfect mix of old and new fashion. The fabric of these sarees is very smooth and drapes beautifully. It is a fantastic material that is lightweight, soft, and flowy in texture. Someone has rightly said that wearing a georgette saree is like wrapping clouds around the body. For that extra elegance, you can wear an embroidered georgette saree to any occasion. This saree gives a traditional saree feel with a blend of modernity. 

  • Silk Sarees
  • When talking about traditional sarees, how can someone not mention silk sarees? The luxurious feel of the fabric adds richness and smoothness to your outfit. The game changes to the next level when talking about the silk saree. When a woman wears a silk saree, she is carrying the legacy of grace and tradition with her. As fashion evolves, silk sarees continue to be an all-time classic choice. All cherish the seamless blend of modernity and tradition. Skilled artisans make this traditional saree. The rich tapestry of our culture pays tribute to this saree. You can gift these sarees to your younger generation as these are an investment. Silk sarees come in different varieties.


    Traditional sarees stand as a classic representation of art, culture, and quality. These traditional sarees come with complex handwork, vivid colors, and a variety of embroidering techniques. 

    Join us, Chiros by Jigyasa, in the world of sarees, where sarees are created as a masterpiece of style and culture. These traditional sarees carry traditions, love from ancestors, and legacy followed from generation to generation.

    The Chikankari saree, Banarsi saree, Net embroidered saree, Bengali saree, Georgette saree, and silk sarees all have an ageless charm.

    Buy these Traditional sarees from Chiro’s by Jigyasa and get captivated by their magic.